Learn Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico

Travelling to a distant land, where the Spanish language is the one you desire to learn, is by far and away the best method of discovering the new language you need. Language travel literally forces you to speak the Spanish language in class and out of it.

Spanish language learning here in Guadalajara, Mexico, is an opportunity to be involved in intensive Spanish instruction. Our institute is recognized as one of the finest Spanish language schools in Latin America. In addition, the city of Guadalajara is known throughout the entire country of Mexico as one of the most traditional of Mexican cities. Afterall, it is the birthplace of Mariachi music and Tequila.

For students who are looking for Spanish language schools, our Spanish language programs are backed up with over 40 years of experience in language instruction and offer you the possibility of participating in one of the finest Spanish language immersion programs available.

For those individuals that find Mexico especially interesting, the city of Guadalajara, with the warmth of its people, traditional hospitality, and true Mexican identity, make learning Spanish in Mexico an unforgettable cultural experience.

The culture and architecture of Mexico abounds in this city that is over 470 years old. The cathedral is the most prominent example of an innumerable amount of colonial architecture. It exemplifies the timelessness of the culture of colonial Mexico. Mariachi music, played by a traditional Mexican orchestra, originated right here in a little town very close to Guadalajara. Tequila, the world-famous Mexican beverage, originated and is produced all throughout this region of the state of Jalisco.

Within our program you will find an impressive array of Spanish courses, going from general - conversational to specific purposes, addressing such needs as: Spanish for Business and Finance, Spanish for Teachers, Spanish for Medical Personnel, Spanish for Social Services, etc.

All the aforementioned Spanish courses are offered year round and may begin any Monday. Click here to see complete information on our Spanish courses.

We would like to assure you that we are 100% committed to making your time of studying Spanish in Mexico, as memorable and educationally productive as possible.

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  • The Secretary of Education of Mexico since 1977.
  • Accredited DELE testing center since 2009.
  • Bildungsurlaub accredited in eight German federal states.
  • CENNI. Only Spanish language school accredited by the government of Mexico.

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