Spanish Courses in Guadalajara

Why Learn Spanish

Did you know that almost 500 million people speak Spanish? It is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Spanish is also spoken in four continents and is the mother tongue in 21 countries! Are you still thinking about it? Here are some reasons why learning Spanish is a smart choice. Learn more

Why imac Spanish Language Programs

We are a unique institute with a 40-year history of tradition in the field of language education. Our school is deeply committed to making significant, positive, and lasting contributions to the education of all students who want to immerse in the Spanish language and Mexican culture. Learn more

Spanish Courses in Guadalajara

If you are looking for quality Spanish language schools, IMAC Spanish Language Programs in Guadalajara is recognized for being one of the finest Spanish language schools in Latin America. Since we are one of the best, we have an unusually large selection of Spanish Language courses. You may choose anything from beginners´ Spanish immersion classes, one-on-one classes for specific purposes to our popular Work and Study Program. Our area is beneficial to live in, and our extra-curricular activities are both educational and fun. We are not just another language school

We count with over forty years of experience; we are the only language school in Mexico to hold accreditation for all of the following:

  • Accredited by Instituto Cervantes/The Ministry for Education of Spain.
  • The Secretary of Education of Mexico.
  • Accredited DELE testing center.
  • Bildungsurlaub accredited in eight German federal states.
  • CENNI: National Language Level Certification by the government of Mexico, only Spanish language school accredited by the government of Mexico.

High academic standards are obviously high while our classes are yet filled with enjoyable and fun activities. Let us help you choose the Spanish program that is just right for you!

Study Spanish abroad at IMAC’s premier location in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico. Guadalajara has been declared, “The Most Mexican City”, because of its authenticity, non-commercialization and the birthplace of Tequila beverage, as well as Mariachi music. It basks in the glory of its past, while celebrating its promising place in the future. Here, you will find all of the modern conveniences of a major metropolitan area gracefully blended with all there is to love about Mexico’s past. With Spanish classes starting every Monday, you can begin your Latin American adventure right away.

In addition to quality instruction in the classroom, IMAC in Guadalajara offers something very unique to Spanish Language students. In the same facility, you will have access to a Latin American cultural exchange program with other students that you won’t find with any other Spanish Language course. There are limitless benefits to joining together with native speakers for conversation classes, dance lessons, RockBand, ceramics classes, guitar lessons and field trips. These students are excited to share their language and traditions with you and are eager to learn about yours. You will find no other Spanish course with such valuable interaction.

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